In NYC…The Small Guy Still Counts 

New York City is home to 225,000 small businesses.


1970’s New York City street lined with small business

53% of the city’s workers are employed by small businesses
98% of all businesses in the city have 100 employees or less

78% of all businesses in the city fewer then ten employees
13% of all small business employees work in retail
10% of small businesses in the city are women/minority-owned businesses

NYC Small Business Services

New York City’s Department of Small Business Services provides FREE help to New York City’s Entrepreneurs.
Here’s what you need to know about:

NYC Business Solutions Centers has offices located in every borough. These centers offer FREE guidance to business owners of any size and at any stage. Services include business courses, financing assistance, legal assistance,recruitment services and help in attaining minority/women-owned business enterprise certification.

NYC Business Express is an online source, Express, takes the edge off of obtaining licenses, permits and certifications. Here entrepreneurs can find step-by-step instructions for meeting government requirements.





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